Making decisions on an informed basis.   

INIZIA focuses on the relationships and needs of its clients. Many institutional investors, family offices or high-net-worth individuals draw on INIZIA’s in-depth knowledge of strategic issues concerning real estate portfolios, transactions and finance. We support this with wide-ranging expertise and an interdisciplinary team of experts.



Portfolio Analysis

Within an existing portfolio, INIZIA focuses on the allocation and potential of the individual properties.

The interests and aspirations of our investors are the focal point of every analysis. On this basis, we develop an independent, viable and customised portfolio strategy, which is then implemented in close cooperation with the investor. We actively look out for suitable investment opportunities to expand the portfolio while disposing of any unprofitable properties under favourable market conditions. Regular portfolio health checks, the expertise of our consultant team and our extensive network all help us to achieve the investor’s desired performance level.








INIZIA supports its clients with comprehensive services regarding the structuring and execution of real estate transactions.

A structured and well-founded transaction process achieves a maximum return for our clients. Demonstrating all the opportunities and risks of a real estate investment through careful and detailed examination is essential for creating a solid basis for decisions. Through an experienced, interdisciplinary team, we are able to ensure professional and discreet implementation of real estate transactions from a single source.



Many years of experience and extensive know-how make INIZIA the ideal partner for the valuation of individual properties and real estate portfolios.

We are experts in spotting the potential of both undeveloped and developed plots. This ability enables INIZIA to determine the “fair” market value and offer its clients added value.


INIZIA sees itself in a neutral advisory role towards its clients.

In a dynamic market environment, choosing the appropriate financial instrument is of crucial importance. We guide our clients through the various forms of finance and, if requested, support them in any negotiations with the various suppliers, right up to completion. Based on the financing needs and risk profile of the investor, various classic and innovative financing models are competitively reviewed and proposed.