Facilitating ideas – implementing projects.

INIZIA has a presence in all Switzerland’s most important markets. Our acquisition and development experts have a close understanding of local conditions and markets. They have built up far-reaching networks among property owners and real estate agents, as well as business and political leaders. This knowledge gives INIZIA and its clients a clear competitive advantage in identifying and implementing real estate projects.

From strategic planning and alignment through development and planning to implementation and marketing, we and our partners offer our clients customised investments from a single source.


"The successful development of a property requires the involvement of all stakeholders to ensure that their needs are met."

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INIZIA Project Development

The INIZIA development team has extensive expertise in all phases of project development.

We are experts in detecting expansion and development potential in real estate. This enables us to create synergies and maximise client value.

Our ambition is to create unique properties that meet the aesthetic as well as financial aspirations of our stakeholders. INIZIA also strives to meet the highest standards of energy efficiency, sustainability and environmental compatibility.

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Strategic Planning

INIZIA knows and understands the respective local framework conditions.

Based on a market analysis and a use and feasibility study, we then carry out the technical due diligence work before finally developing an investment strategy for the project.



Investment decicion

INIZIA provides investors with a sound basis for decision-making.

The ultimate investment decision is made in consultation with the client on the basis of the development study. Our goal is to base the decision as far as possible on facts and figures to ensure that investors are not exposed to undue risk.


Efficient planning and implementation increase the profitability of a project.

Within the context of the entire development process, INIZIA manages the realisation of a real estate project through the integration of local partners. Transparent and independent management from a single source enables efficient and quality-conscious project realisation.




Early marketing reduces risk for our investors.

INIZIA undertakes the entire sales process for its own real estate projects. As part of our tailored real estate investment service, our clients enjoy discreet and professional completion from a single source, which can be efficiently performed by integrating local and strategic partners.