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INIZIA develops and maintains customised real estate investments on behalf of private and institutional clients. Based on value-enhancement potential and opportunistic investment strategies designed to minimise risk and maximise total value for investors, we aim to achieve competitive investment performance and individual client care.


“In a dynamic market environment, the appropriate choice of financial instrument is of vital importance.”

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Structured Property Inverstments

INIZIA’s structured real estate investments give investors access to opportunities in the real estate market.

In recent years, we have built up a distinctive knowledge of project development and structuring real estate investments that enables us to create added value for our clients.

Innovative solutions and excellent market insights

By working with local as well as strategic partners, we are able to detect market trends and cycles at an early stage. This enables us to sustainably position our own products and achieve competitive investment performance.

Stable, experienced and multidisciplinary team

We manage real estate products for qualified private and institutional investors. Our teams in Zurich and Bern have wide knowledge and extensive experience in all aspects of real estate investments and their structuring. This enables INIZIA to respond dynamically to changes in the real estate market.

Investment processes with risk adjustment

Our detailed and well-founded investment process is based primarily on a broad market analysis combined with disciplined risk management. As a result, INIZIA is able to create a clear competitive advantage for its clients in terms of identifying and implementing real estate projects.

Seperate Accounts

With separate accounts, INIZIA is able to offer selected institutional and qualified private investors personal support and advice in developing a customised portfolio.

By using all available resources, INIZIA clients have a trustworthy partner in our specialised team to support them in building up their own portfolio, based on their individual objectives and attitudes to risk. We adapt our investment strategy to the needs of our clients in terms of set-up, property type, geographic location, target return and liquidity requirements. We then use our experience to recommend relevant parameters.



Hospitality Investments

INIZIA specialises in structured investments in the hospitality segment as a means to offer interested clients an opportunity to diversify.

Working together with experienced industry experts, we offer complete projects as an investment opportunity, primarily in the hotel industry. From strategic planning and alignment through development and planning to implementation and marketing, we and our partners offer our clients customised investments from a single source.